We have 5mm hex socket blanks in stock

We have 5mm hex socket blanks in stock. The dimensions are as follows.

the image of hexagon socket blank dimensions
Hexagon socket blank dimensions
  • material : S45 (ISO)
  • stock number : 60 (As of May 1, 2020)
  • price : 350yen + additional machining cost

In the case of a single item, hexagonal hole processing is very expensive. It is very reasonable if you can make a product from this blank.

And you can get it in a short delivery time.

We can do additional machining. Lathe, Machining, Quenching, Grinding, Plating…

Hex socket photo
Hex socket photo
Image of inserting a hexagon wrench into a blank with hexagon socket
Of course, a hexagon wrench will fit in without problems

At the moment, we have only one type, but we would like to expand it if there are many requests.