Notice of Golden Week holidays

In Japan, we have a one week holiday during the end of April till the beginning of May. We call it a Golden Week.

We will inform you about the holidays during the Golden Week period.

  • April 29th,(Wed.) Open
  • April 30th,(Thu.) Open
  • May 1st,(Fri.) Open
  • May 2nd,(Sat.) Close, sorry
  • May 3rd,(Sun.) Close, sorry
  • May 4th,(Mon.) Close, sorry
  • May 5th,(Tue.) Close, sorry
  • May 6th,(Wed.) Close, sorry
  • May 7th,(Thu.) Open
  • May 8th,(Fri.) Open
  • May 9th,(Sat.) Open
  • May 10th,(Sun.) Close, sorry
  • May 11th,(Mon.) Close, sorry