Features of Tokunaka

Specializing in single or small lot production in large variety

We excel in the processing of from 1 to about 20 pieces. Effective use of not only NC lathes and machining centers, but also general-purpose lathes and cutting mills for each product enables efficient production.

We accept orders in quantities as small as one diagram and one part; and therefore, we are able to flexibly respond to one-time orders or customers wishing to start with small orders because of the desire to consider strategy prior to making large orders.

Delivery of completed products

Isn’t it a lot of work to have to order material from Company A, send it to Company B for machine processing, and then to Company C for quenching?

We not only offer machine processing, but we can also procure material, arrange for quenching and plating, and deliver finished products to customers. All you have to do is to send us the diagram.

Flexible metal processer

  • “We want a duplicate of the product,” “We only have a hand-drawn picture…”
    • It is quite possible for us to comply with your order. Inquire with us.
  • “We need a quote today.”
    • We’re a small company, so we cannot handle a large number of diagrams, but we can handle about 10.
  • “If we order today, can we have it by tomorrow?”
    • Inquire with us. We may or may not be able to comply with your wish depending on the material we have in stock and the operation status of machine.
      Please understand that we can only handle 1 or 2 diagrams in the quantity of 1 to several pieces.
  • We make the utmost effort to flexibly respond to wishes of our customers.

Responding to diverse materials

The most common material is iron, such as S45C; however, we process aluminum, stainless, brass and other materials with ease. We also process casting, such as FC and FCD, if they are shavings from round bars or 6F material.

Materials we most often work with are,

  • Iron: SS400, S45C, SKS3, SCM415, SCM435, FC, SK, SKD and more
  • Aluminum: A2017, A5056, A5052, A6061 and more
  • Stainless: SUS303, SUS304, SUS420J2, SUS440C and more
  • Others: brass, gun metal, copper, aluminum bronze, phosphor bronze, MC nylon, Duracon and more
  • (All symbols in JIS)

There are other materials that we have worked with. Inquire with us.